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Web design just like everyone else

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Webdesign for more visibility on the internet: portrait of Raphael Bolius


You find web design everywhere on the internet. Just look around you will notice it yourself. To be honest: The web is full of “In no time at all”, “child’s play” and “immediately successful”. Unfortunately, all of these tips, courses, and tools cost your time, nerves, and money.

It doesn’t have to be, I think… Your web project can also be like this:

  • Exciting and modern web design with your project in focus. Web design that brings you new customers, new readers and new contacts, easy to use in the backend.
  • See training, videos, webinars and blog posts for more visibility on the web
  • Learn about practical, efficient marketing for your website. Experience hand-tailored solutions for your project and your needs.

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After many years of working with my target group, I, of course, know where the specific problem areas of my customers are. The web design should be terrific, and at the same time, the website should be easy to use. It should rank well with Google and it should bring contacts, customers and jobs and all that without much effort.

No problem. Really no problem? Check out my offers:

To get to know:

Free, joint analysis of your website, your wishes, your current status and a recommendation for improvements (design and new customers – including free calls (Telephone, Skype or Zoom.)

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Web design Basic

I will create your website for you using reference pages. This is a very cost-effective solution. It also includes training in the easy-to-use backend of your website.

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Web design

I will create your website based on your individual wishes. The extravagant solution. With training in the easy-to-use backend of your website.

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In my blog and on my YouTube channel I show you in videos how you can address customers with your website and gain visibility.

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Webinare & Coachings

In my free webinars, I offer ideas about visibility on the Internet. Individual coaching on Skype or Zoom will bring you forward on the web.

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Free consultation over the phone

This is often a welcome first aid for your project or website.

Find the appointment here…


Here you can see some examples of projects that has implemented for its customers with a lot of and commitment. would also be happy to put your ideas on the Internet. works primarily for companies and organizations in the fields of ecology, social affairs and culture and often also for highly sensitive and / or introverted people (HSP) .


Web design for more visiblity on the internet: Foto of Raphael Bolius

Exceptionally good web design for everyone who wants to make the world a little better.

  • Realization of overall concepts in the areas of web design, blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). Positioning your offer on the web, and measures for more visibility so that your customers can find you too.
  • Sustainable, because our websites are CO2-neutral [more about CO2 in web design ].
  • 155/5000
    SEO explained in an easily understandable way and implemented with you. Ideal for search engines, your website has the potential to rank at the very top with Google.
  • Fast websites that load in a short time even on the smartphone: WordPress Pagespeed

Contact me for a free and non-binding initial consultation! You can get further information here .

  • Initial consultation and personal advice free of charge
  • Fixed price, binding cost estimate
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Clarification of all technical questions about domains and hosting including carbon-neutral hosting and SEO-friendly code, for better visibility in search engines
  • Responsive design for optimal display on smartphone and tablet
  • The content of the website can be edited by you or your employees
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