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Call for entries: Websites for free.

I think the title is clear. There are websites for free. Here are the criteria for getting a website for free and also the information on how to support the project “free websites” as a donor. A click on the header with a green background opens the respective text field with detailed information.

Who can get a website for free?

A website for free is available only under certain conditions:

  1. The project must come from one of these areas: social, cultural, sustainability, ecology.
  2. There must be no other way of realization. In other words, if it is not supported in this competition (or by another donation), it has no possibility of realization. wants to promote projects that could not otherwise be realized, does not want to take away jobs from other web designers and destroy prices.
  3. We target therefore innovative projects of students and/or projects outside the EU or outside of other highly industrialized countries. Projects from Africa or Latin America have a high chance of receiving a website for free.
  4. Project languages could be German, English, Portuguese or French.
  5. The project (or the part of the project that we support) must remain within an acceptable framework. We focus on rather small or medium projects or parts of projects because we cannot realize megaprojects. We are a small team and have limited capacities. The larger the number of supporters we have (the more donations we receive), the bigger the projects can become. basically, nothing speaks against the fact that one day only works for free. But somebody has to pay our rent. What is “affordable” to the current state of donations, we can explore in conversation or by mail.

The process, the dates

The following dates apply to the first call:

  1. 12. 10. 2018 – 11. 11. 2018 Tomorrow is the starting signal for the first round of free websites. Projects can be submitted in the next 30 days. If you want to submit a project, please use the form below. From the projects submitted, selects those that we consider feasible.
  2. 12. 11. 2018 – 12. 12. 2018 In the decision-making phase, the participating projects have to demonstrate their commitment to being serious. You will receive a page in our blog where you can describe your project. The page, which is often shared in the social media, or on which more links are placed, gets the nod.
  3. ourse we report on the progress and the final result here in the blog, and on Facebook.

Support our idea. How does it work?

Learn how you can help to make websites for free.

  1. If you want to support the possibility that makes websites for free for those who can not afford web design, you can support this idea with a micro donation.
  2. Every cent counts, already a tiny contribution of e.g. Ooe Euro per month helps us to carry out our work. 1000 x 1 Euro are also 1000 Euro and if we can calculate long term contracts, we can achieve a lot!
  3. Therefore we target mostly e.g. innovative projects of students and / or projects outside the EU or outside of other highly industrialized countries. Projects from Africa or Latin America have very lots of chances.
  4. But there is no obligation to donate. If you do not want to donate, you are welcome to tell us the reason. but actually it is enough to finish the standing order. Questions that arise over time will be communicated through this blog or via Facebook.
  5. Our account number:
    Bank: GLS (Genossenschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken)
    Account: 4024840603
    IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 4024 8406 03
  6. If you would like to support the project with a donation, please subscribe to the donor mailing list. Mails are only sent if there is really important information. For example, a new account number or the conversion of donations to a charitable association. We did not spam our donors. Promised!

The registration form for a free project






Controlling Spam:


Donors should subscribe to the newsletter to be informed about news. We do not send spam, but maybe our account number changes or something similar happens.


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